Roots Run Deep - Setlists, LiveCheese and iClips

It’s finally here … tonight marks the start of the Roots Run Deep tour, and we couldn’t be more excited to see everyone out on the road!

Just a reminder that if you can’t make it out to the shows, you can follow along with realtime setlists on Twitter from @Live_Cheese. And as always, all Incidents will be available in MP3, CD, FLAC, ALAC or FLAC-HD formats within 24 hours of each performance at

Also, will be broadcasting a LIVE stream from tonight’s tour kick-off show in Asheville, NC, as well as St. Louis (12/7), and all 3 Chicago shows (12/8-10). Order all 5 Incidents from and save!


With the last of the Bonnaroo dust finally off us, we’re excited to offer up the full performance for download at LiveCheese. Get it here 

Also - check out some photos from the set - dance moves and all - here.

OFFICIAL SETLIST - 6/11/11 Bonnaroo Music Festival , Manchester, TN
Tennessee Jed > Rollover, Joyful Sound, Miss Brown’s Teahouse, Rosie, Way That It Goes, Sirens > Colorado Bluebird Sky > It Is What It Is (w/Sexy Sax Man), Bumpin’ Reel, Texas E: Outside and Inside > Mysterious Ways